Videos to assist in familiarizing yourself with your CPAP equipment

H5i Humidifier with Slimline Tubing

By default, ENT Sleep Supply provides ResMed’s heated SlimLine™ tubing with the S9 AutoSet. This video provides an excellent overview on using SlimLine™ tubing with your humidifier.

ResMed S9 AutoSet Quick Start

This is an excellent overview of your ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP machine.

Troubleshooting the ResMed H5i Humidifier

The most common question we hear from our patients is ‘I don’t know if my humidifier is working properly?” Or you might notice that the humidifier isn’t using as much water as it usually does. Or you’re unsure if the plate is getting warm.

If you are using a ResMed S9 AutoSet, this video from Resmed will help you determine whether your H5i humidifier is functioning properly.